Korean Temple Food Philosophy by Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan

Reception 6:15PM
Conversation and Demonstration 7:00PM
Closure 8:15PM

Tickets Available: asiasociety.org/hong-kong

Jeong Kwan, a 61-year-old Buddhist nun and world-renowned temple food chef, believes in the connection between a cook and his or her ingredients and that ultimately cooking is about “letting nature take care of it”.

Her temple cuisine, which is completely vegan, is part of a Korean cultural tradition that gives concrete form to the essential teachings of Buddhism and the path to healthy living and ultimate enlightenment.

Mina Park, founder of one of Hong Kong’s favourite foodie brands, Sook, will have a dialogue with Jeong Kwan about Korean temple food followed by a demonstration and tasting session, giving you brand new insight into the spirit and relationship between food and Zen.

Presented by:Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong KongAsia Society