Hall of Korean Film – Kolor Infinity – New Trial

Date Time Venue
28/10/2017 3:20PM STAR Cinema
4/11/2017 3:10PM STAR Cinema

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Director: Kim Tae-yun
Starring: Jung Woo, Kang Ha-neul
Runtime: 120 mins
Language: Korean
Subtitle: Chinese and English Subtitles

Lee Joon-young is a lawyer-for-hire, who recently lost a lawsuit and his entire life savings with it. To attract the attention of a high-profile law firm, he decides to take on Hyun-woo’s case pro bono. But as he gets deeper, he finds out that Hyun-woo’s incarceration was due to the police and prosecution’s malpractice. Joon-young fights to uncover the truth and put those responsible behind bars…

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