Hall of Korean Film – Kolor Infinity – Derailed

Date Time Venue
22/10/2017 3:30PM STAR Cinema
25/11/2017 3:30PM Festival Grand Cinema
3/12/2017 3:30PM Grand Kornhill Cinema

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Director: Lee Seong-tae
Starring: Don LEE, Choi Min-ho
Runtime: 92 mins
Language: Korean
Subtitle: Chinese and English Subtitles

Ga-yeong lures a Karaoke owner for money. When the two meet, Ga-yeong’s boyfriend Jin-il steals and sells the owner’s car to make a living. The owner kidnaps Ga-yeong and demands Jin-il for compensation. Jin-il has no other way but to continue cheating to repay the debt and rescue Ga-yeong. Meanwhile, Ga-yeong’s ex-boyfriend is released from prison. He is after Jin-il for revenge but unexpectedly gets into trouble with the Karaoke owner…

Presented by:MCL cinemasGrandSTAR Cinema
Special thanks:Deltamac (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.Golden SceneIntercontinental Film Distributors (HK) Ltd.My Way Film Company Limited