2017 Art Ze-An Hong Kong Exhibition : ”Why do We Sing – War and Women”

Opening 27/10/2017 6:00PM
Artist Talk 28/10/2017 2:00PM

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from Korea Kang, Min Joo, Kim, Dongwook, Kim,Mi Hyang, Kim, Su-Hyang, Kim, Eun Young, Min, Cheol Hong, Han, Seung Hoon, Park, Seol Ah, Shin, Young Seong, Shin, Jeong Won, Jung-A. Ellene Shim, Yang, Ji Hee, J. Yoohyun Lee, Chung, Kyung Mi, Ha, Min Su, Heo, Eun Young, Hwang, Seon Young
from Hong Kong Phoebe Ching Ying Man

Art Ze-An, a group of professional artists who aspire to brace the issues of the contemporary society and evoke questions, presents Why Do We Sing: War and Women in Hong Kong. The exhibition aims to sharpen our understanding of the pain from oppression and neglect that women in and out of history have faced and endured. The artists hope that the citizens of Hong Kong and East Asia will meet as a community and share insights for solidarity by bearing the search for a peaceful future together.

Artist Talk (28 Oct)
Phoebe Ching Ying Man (Professor at City University of Hong Kong), Sylvia Yu Friedman (Author of Silenced No More: Voices of ‘Comfort Women’), Members of Art Ze-An

Survey result on ‘Comfort Women’ will be presented during the talk.

Presented by:Art Ze-An
Supported by:Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong KongThe Korean Council for the women drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan War&Womens Human Rights MuseumKorean Women’s International NetworkFoundation for JusticeGowld Art CentreBABA ArtKorean Residents Association H.K. Ltd.852 Freedom Campaign